Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program

Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program
Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program
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By Naomi Aaronson, MA, OTR/L

This course is offered in cooperation with Desert Southwest Fitness. "You can have your life back." This is the philosophy your breast cancer recovery clients will live out, as they build confidence and regain functionality through the specialized therapeutic exercises offered under your care. You'll gain an understanding of how to safely and effectively work different muscle groups and to support the physical and emotional recovery of your clients. Learn how to develop strategies to counter the complications brought on from different cancer treatment. Increase your understanding of the physical mobility lost during breast cancer treatments, in order to restore it to pretreatment levels. First hand accounts told by fitness professionals who have survived breast cancer will deepen your insight into this condition, plus heighten your sensitivity to your clients needs and limitations. Experience why this exclusive course has been used as a valuable resource in women's centers, clinics and breast cancer support groups around the country. One out of eight women will develop breast cancer during her life. Become the responsive fitness professional who offers useful and effective exercise solutions for these brave survivors. 95 pgs

Course Length: 5.0 contact hours

Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program

Course Goals and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1. Identify risk factors associated with breast cancer

2. Outline methods used to detect and diagnose breast cancer

3. Name the relevant anatomy affected by breast cancer surgery.

4. Identify the major types of surgery for breast cancer

5. Discuss the side effects of both local and systemic treatments.

6. Discuss the major physical and psychological problems faced by breast cancer survivors

7. Outline realistic and attainable exercise goals for this population.

8. Plan an effective and safe exercise program based on client assessment of needs for women undergoing treatment and women post-treatment

9. Outline precautions and contraindications to exercise and criteria for termination of exercise.

10. Identify professional responsibilities of the fitness professional when working with a client with breast cancer

11. Locate relevant information through local, regional, and national resources identified in the manual.

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