Manual Evaluation of the Sacroiliac Joint

Manual Evaluation of the Sacroiliac Joint
Manual Evaluation of the Sacroiliac Joint
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by Richard D Asaro, PT, DPT, MTC, CEAS

The sacroiliac joint has long been touted as a significant factor in generating pain the low back region. Studies have shown up to 40% of low back pain may be due to involvement of the sacroiliac joint. Learn to detect, restore and stabilize asymmetrical changes of the pelvis with these exciting new courses! Part 1 Discusses the anatomy, kinematics, reliability of evaluative techniques and evaluation techniques of the sacroiliac joint.

Course Length: 4.0 contact hours

Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This package contains the reading and testing materials for the course

Manual Evaluation of the Sacroiliac Joint

Course Goals and Objectives:

This course is intended to instruct the student, through self-paced study, on methods of evaluation for sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Student Objectives:

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

1. Identify the bony anatomical structures of the sacroiliac joint

2. Identify 8 ligaments of the sacroiliac joint

3. Identify gender differences of the sacroiliac joint and surrounding structures

4. Identify the reliability of tests to determine sacroiliac dysfunction

5. Identify a suggested outline for evaluation of sacroiliac dysfunction

6. Identify 4 pubic positional faults

7. Identify 6 innominate positional faults

8. Identify 8 nominate positional faults

9. Identify 8 bony landmarks used to determine pelvic position

10. Identify the importance of palpation for symmetry

11. Identify the components of the Paris Mobility Scale for the manual grading of movement

12. Identify 5 components of normal end feel classifications

13. Identify 9 components of abnormal end feel classifications

14. Identify 11 tests for pain provocation and end feel assessment for the sacroiliac joint

15. Identify 13 muscle groups that should be assessed for strength and flexibility during a sacroiliac joint evaluation

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