Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design

Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design
Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design
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by Catherine Cram, MS, and Gwen Hyatt, MS

Discover what every exercise professional with prenatal or postpartum women clients should know about designing a safe and appropriate exercise program. Learn the effect of exercise on maternal and fetal health and how to set intensity levels and modify exercise based on the most recent ACOG Guidelines. This course covers the latest research, demonstrates appropriate abdominal and pelvic floor exercises and suggests guidelines for strength training, water exercise and competitive sports during pregnancy. The DVD included in this package demonstrates self-care techniques for postpartum women and shows a home care visit from a therapist instructing a new mother in the techniques and exercises. 211 pages & DVD.

Course Length: 8.0 contact hours

Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This package contain the DVD and the reading and testing materials for the course

Sorry, but this course is not available as an electronic download/online course

Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design

Course Goals and Objectives:

This course is intended to instruct the student, through self-paced study, on guidelines and precautions for prenatal and postpartum exercise design.

Student Objectives:

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

1. Identify the effect of exercise on maternal health.

2. Identify the effect of maternal exercise on fetal health

3. Identify cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, metabolic, thermal and musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy

4. Identify 15 contraindications to aerobic exercise during pregnancy

5. Identify 10 warning signs to terminate exercise while pregnant

6. Identify techniques for monitoring exercise with pregnant women

7. Identify 20 prenatal strengthening and stretching exercises

8. Identify benefits of water exercising while pregnant

9. Identify components of a water exercise program for a pregnant woman

10. Identify components of a postnatal exercise program

11. Identify 5 core strengthening exercises after cesarean delivery

12. Identify techniques for scar tissue mobilization

13. Identify the 5 Sahrmann exercises for postnatal exercise

14. Identify components of a maternal exercise class/program

15. Identify complications and common conditions of pregnancy and postpartum and how these complications can impact an exercising pregnant woman

16. Identify professional responsibilities when working with a prenatal or postpartum client

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