Strength Band Training

Strength Band Training
Strength Band Training
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This course is offered in cooperation with Human Kinetics and includes the softback textbook, “Strength Band Training, 2nd Edition” by Phil Page and Todd Ellenbecker, c2011.

Strength Band Training shows you how to maximize strength, speed, and power in the gym, at home, or on the road. With more than 160 exercises and predefined fitness and sport-specific workouts, the book shows you why strength bands are the ultimate tool for targeting, isolating, and developing every major muscle group.

Portable and easy to adjust, the bands provide resistance for any level of strength, fitness, or ability. The exercises allow you to add resistance in multiple directions—something free weights and machines cannot do—for resistance routines that can simulate sport-specific demands, strengthen and tone your core, or target muscles. 212 pages.

Course Length: 4.0 contact hours

Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate.

This package contains the testing and reading materials for the course

Sorry, but this course is not available as an electronic download/online course

Strength Band Training

Course Goals: This course is intended to instruct the student through self paced study on the foundations using elastic bands to increase strength, endurance, and power in clients of all ages.

Student Objectives:

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Understand the relationship of stretch to resistance produced with Thera Band.

2. Analyze the formula for determining force production in elastic bands.

3. Evaluate isotonic and elastic band strength program’s effectiveness.

4. Analyze the strength curve produced by both isotonic and elastic band exercise.

5. Evaluate the differences between elastic tubing and elastic bands.

6. Understand the intensity and volume of elastic band tubing exercise required to accomplish client specific goals.

7. Understand the relationship of color to the resistance of Thera Band elastic bands.

8. Analyze the proper progression of 4 specific exercises within an elastic band exercise program.

9. Evaluate the position of elastic tubing in relationship to the fibers of the muscle being exercised.

10. Analyze proper stretching techniques prior to initiation of exercise.

11. Understand the time required to obtain an adequate stretch using elastic bands.

12. Evaluate the lateral shoulder raise exercise and the muscles involved.

13. Analyze the correct biomechanical form for shoulder exercise in scaption.

14. Understand the muscles involved in ankle inversion exercises.

15. Evaluate head position during the dynamic hug exercise.

16. Analyze the muscles involved in the Linton external rotation exercise.

17. Understand sport specific exercise as it relates to the resisted plyometric lateral jump.

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