Shopping for Our Courses:

From the menu bar above, choose Paper Courses, Download Courses, or Share A Course. What’s the difference?

Paper Courses are bound hard copy courses that will need to be shipped to you and include all the reading and testing materials for a course.  They may include books, CDs  and/or DVDs as well.  These are traditional “Home Study” type courses.  You will need to choose a shipping method for your courses when purchasing them and wait for them to arrive.

Download Courses are the exact same materials as in paper courses, but combined into an Adobe PDF document.  These courses are available for download from your account immediately after purchase.  There is no shipping associated with these products.  Your courses will be in text format in the pdf and may also involve internet links for viewing video components.

Share a Course are extra examination packets and are available either as a Download Course or as a hard copy mailed to you by US Postal Service.  These should only be ordered if you already have access to the required reading or viewing materials for your course.  There is no difference between the download and hard copy versions of a Share A Course.