How to Order a Course

Place an Order with 4 Easy Steps…

Step 1: Pick out your courses and check their approval status for your state.

At Home Seminars submits our courses to states for pre-approval of continuing education units when possible. Some states have restrictions on the number of home-study hours that can be utilized for license renewal or have approved some of our courses for different lengths than we requested or have even denied course approvals. Although we make every attempt to have the most recent information on state requirements, states are often changing their requirements and we are not notified. It is solely the responsibility of our customers to check on the approval status of a course for their state before ordering and to know the restrictions their state may have for license renewal.

Step 2: How would you like to place your order?

1. Order from the secure online store here

2. Call 1-800-965-8013. We’re open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!

3. Download our newest catalog and mail your order form to: At Home Seminars, PO Box 5627, Central Point, OR 97502

4. Download our newest catalog and fax your order form to: 1-800-959-3328


Step 3: How would you like to receive your order?

Do you want to receive your course as a downloadable file or have your order shipped by UPS, Priority Mail or US Express Mail?

Step 4: How would you like to take your test?

You can take your test online, fax your answer sheets to us, or mail your test to us. All tests are processed in our office within 24 business hours regardless of how they are received. Testing online is free and you will find out immediately if you have passed or failed and can print a temporary certificate until your original arrives in the mail.  All orders are set up for online testing from your account when placed.