Physical Therapist / PT Assistant Approval Status

1.  Is At Home Seminars Approved By My State’s Physical Therapy Board?

Probably! Please Select the States You are Licensed in to Check the Approval Status of At Home Seminars’ Courses Prior to Ordering:

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2.  Are At Home Seminars Approved by the FSBPT?

All courses offered by At Home Seminars LLC are no longer certified through the ProCert program.

Although all of our courses were certified in the past by ProCert, policy changes within the program made it increasingly difficult to get home study and internet-based courses fairly evaluated for the number of contact hours they are worth compared to live courses. Additionally, new ProCert rules imposed such a burden on us as a provider, that we are no longer willing to meet all of time-consuming and labor-intensive requirements until a new, fair evaluation for home study courses is put into place by the FSBPT.  You can still report At Home Seminars courses through the aPTitude program the FSBPT offers.  We also found that most states accepting FSBPT approval either had alternate ways of getting courses approved or didn’t require approval of continuing education courses, so there was no benefit to being ProCert certified.

The following are the definitions for the terms describing our approval status in your state:

  • Valid for CE Credit: The state does not require pre-approval of courses for CE credit so At Home Seminars’ courses can be used to fulfill your requirements as long as there are no other restrictions present (such as home study/online restrictions)
  • Approved: The state does require pre-approval of courses for CE credit and has either pre-approved the course for CE credit or has approved At Home Seminars as a continuing education provider for for your state for OTs and OTAs
  • Approval Pending: The state does require pre-approval of courses for CE credit. At Home Seminars has submitted the course for approval to the state, but is still awaiting notice of course approval.
  • Not Approved: The state does require pre-approval of courses for CE credit and has either denied the course for approval or the state requires approval and At Home Seminars has not submitted the course to the state for pre-approval. If you order a course that is Not Approved, you wont be getting credit for it with your state.
Beware of companies who advertise “Guaranteed Approval” for home study courses. They are incorrect as some states do not allow home study courses for licensure renewals or have strict requirements or limitations on the home study courses that are taken. Contact your licensing board before taking any course where a company may state it is “up to the therapist” to decide if a course may be taken. In many cases, this is incorrect and specific approval processes must be followed for the course to be used for credit.
At Home Seminars contacts each state annually to update our records but states do not notify us of rule changes, and many changes occur in between the time we speak with them from year to year. If you know of any changes occurring in your licensure state, please let us know so we can keep our information as accurate as possible for you!